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In 2023, 7 students from ISAE-SUPAERO will perform a 4 week-long Analog Mission in the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in Utah.

You can get to know crew members and their mission right now!

Crew members

Presentation of Crew 275

In 2023, a new crew will perform a mission in the MDRS :

  • Commander : Jérémy Rabineau
  • Crew scientist : Alice Chapiron
  • Crew Journalist : Marie Delaroche
  • Crew Engineer : Quentin Royer
  • Health and Safety Officer : Corentin Senaux
  • Crew Botanist : Adrien Tison
  • Crew Astronomer : Alexandre Vinas
Presentation of Crew 275


In the Utah desert, the Mars Desert Research Station is managed by the Mars Society.

Each year members of the Club M.A.R.S perform an analog mission for several weeks to simulate life on Mars.

Learn more about this research center:

Discover the MDRS

Detail of Experiments

Discover all experiments and partners of Crew 263 – which performed their mission in March 2022

Crew 275 is still in the process of designing their mission, and our experiments will be presented very soon

Discover Crew 263 experimentsCrew 275 (coming soon !)

Our previous missions

Since 2015, ISAE-SUPAERO students have been able to perform missions in the MDRS throught the Club MARS.

Discover the crews along with their mission reports and a detail of their experiments.

Our crews
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