Crew 240

Crew Members

Clément PLAGNE, Commanding Officer

After a first exhilarating trip to MDRS last year as part of Crew 223, it is a dream come true again to be able to go on a second mission and to once again contribute to our understanding of the challenges humans will face on another planet. Ever-fascinated by the sciences, and space in particular, a childhood spent watching the night skies led me to aerospace engineering studies and an internship at the French space agency. My experience on a past mission gave me the desire to come back as Commander, and it is with great enthusiasm that I will face the task of using my experience to ensure the safety and good running of our operations, and to take care of the crew throughout the mission.

Maxime JALABERT, Astronomer

Space has always occupied a very important place in my life, from my first telescope when I was 8, to my participation in the Startup Space Week-end in 2018 or even my work as a scientific leader at the Cité de l’Espace last summer. After a bachelor in Energetic Mechanics, I then turned to ISAE-SUPAERO. I immediately joined the school’s Club M.A.R.S that I chair today. Through this, I have the opportunity to participate in this Martian Life Simulation Mission as an astronomer, my mission is to analyze the solar activity at the base and search for Supernovae in addition to the scientific experiments carried out daily with my crew. Indeed, I am convinced that one day the human species will become multi-planetary and I wish to make my humble contribution in this magnificent adventure.

Marion BURNICHON, Biologist

My passion for space comes from my dad who would show me the stars with a telescope and bring me to the observatory for observation nights. The mystery behind the universe and what it contained led me to study Physics at McGill University (Canada) as well as do research in astrophysics. But my interest in aerospace engineering first sparked when watching a SpaceX rocket launch. From the tension in the room as the countdown began all the way to the deception when the rocket burned in the atmosphere, the experience was unique and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I entered the Masters in Aerospace Engineering at ISAE-SUPAERO and immediately joined the Club M.A.R.S knowing that it would allow me to experience a Martian Life Simulation Mission and understand the stakes that come into play with human spaceflight. I believe it is only a matter of time before humankind needs to learn how to survive on another planet and as the biologist of the mission, I will be mostly looking at human factors and cellular biology experiments to improve life away from Earth.

Raphaël DEHONT, Botanist

Having always been drawn to mathematics and abstract disciplines, it was through the gamble of space exploration that I was able to have a glimpse of new horizons. Marked by the intriguing beauty and apparent stability of our solar system, I have always had a weakness for the red planet. With landscapes as magnificent as they are pitiful... But what about those days when Mars was more habitable than the Earth itself? As the crew's botanist, I will be responsible for the greenhouse. As this mission focuses on the study of human factors, I intend to study the symbiotic relationship that exists between plants and humans. The first marsonauts risk being faced with the most hostile environment imaginable, so let’s make it easier for them and find the plant that will appease their fears!

François VINET, Crew Engineer

My appeal for space began in high school when I came across Stephen Hawking's bestseller, A Brief History of Time. This book introduced me to astrophysics and all of its fascinating mysteries. I was struck by the approach of researchers who tackle huge problems like black holes from simple observations and mathematical models. It is this conquering approach that I love and which in fact characterizes all space exploration! SpaceX which in 20 years managed to land its rockets, NASA which sends a drone to Mars, all these acheivements fascinate me. It was to participate in it that I decided to move towards space engineering (without giving up astrophysics!). After 2 years of preparatory class, I joined ISAE-SUPAERO in 2019 and then was selected to participate in the MDRS 2021 campaign. This mission is a real opportunity to discover the world of space exploration, by being in contact with universities or participating laboratories. As the crew's onboard engineer, I have an overview of the framework in which we will operate and I am therefore well aware of the scientific potential of this simulation!

Pierre FABRE, Journalist

From a young age, I have always been very curious and in search of answers. Space is for me a particular source of questions and interest! Even today, this burning desire to explore space and find answers to all these questions guides my steps. It is with this in mind that after a scientific preparatory class I wanted to join ISAE-SUPAERO. I hope that at the end of my engineering degree I will be able to take part in this great adventure that is space exploration. But already today, thanks to the Club M.A.R.S. and the Mars Society, I have the opportunity to get closer to my dream of an astronaut and to contribute, on my scale, to always getting closer to future Martian missions. During these 4 weeks at the MDRS I will be the journalist of the crew and in addition to the experiments that I will carry out I will share this mission with you via daily reports.

Julie LEVITA, Health Safety Officer

It was when I saw the film The Martian in theaters that I realized that my dream was to conquer space. As a child, I knew the comic book Tintin: On a marché sur la Lune off by heart, and space was already a great source of wonder for me. I practiced high-level handball for 3 years in high school, and I think that there are several points in common between sports and space exploration: these two areas require passion, teamwork, and a fighting spirit. These are two competitive areas, which are of equal interest to me. I joined ISAE SUPAERO last year after 3 years of preparatory classes, and my participation in the MDRS 2021 mission with the crew of my school confirms that you should always follow your dreams when you have the chance to. I will be the Health and Safety Officer during this 4 week simulation, and I will try as best I can to maintain a healthy team spirit in a safe environment throughout the mission.

Mission Reports