Crew 206

Crew members

Jérémy Auclair, Commanding officer

After being raised in the outskirts of Paris and having started my studies in Paris, I came with much enthusiasm to Toulouse, the French hub of aerospace. I am passionate about space and have been for a long time: astrophysics, exobiology, and human exploration have no secrets for me. Man has always been an adventurer and an explorer, and the next step is to leave Earth. 

Student at ISAE-SUPAERO for the last two years, I am very interested in manned flight and have invested myself in this topic. I participated in the 2018 MDRS mission as a botanist, and I am now back again as commanding officer to supervise the next mission and ensure it unfolds nicely. This is another chance for me to make my astronaut dream come true!

Benjamin Auzou, Journalist

Born and raised in Somme, I am currently studying engineering under the bright sun of Toulouse. My student life is paced by the school’s brass band, parachuting and scientific vulgarisation. Ever since I was little, I have been fascinated by space, planets and especially the achievement of getting people out there. With Apollo, we got to the Moon. Now the next step is Mars, and it is to make my contribution that I have chosen to be a part of this analog experience. I will be the on-board journalist: in parallel to the diverse scientific experiments I will be leading, I am tasked with writing a daily report to follow how the mission goes.

Cerise Cuny, Biologist

After two years of studies in Paris, I chose to join ISAE-SUPAERO to develop my passion for space exploration and ensure I have solid engineering skills. I am very involved in student life activities: I am part of the volleyball and the basketball team, and I participate in artistic activities such as the cinema club and the cooking club of which I am the president. I also joined the Mars Club to partake in the vulgarisation workshops organised in schools nearby. I then had the opportunity to join the 2019 crew as a biologist, a role that fits me well since I am passionate about the search for life on Mars. I will be able to study the effects of isolation and confinement on the human body, as it is crucial to know its possible consequences before launching future manned space exploration.

Aurélien Mure,  Astronomer

Originally from the Loire, where I pursued my studies until the end of high school, and then stopping by Clermont-Ferrand for two years to begin my studies, I am now living in Toulouse and I am growing in this city thanks to rugby, parachuting and most importantly aerospace. Studying the universe often requires a telescope, as it gives important information. Isn’t it incredible to simply look up to the stars and contemplate them? For me the answer is yes since I will be the astronomer of the mission. I will observe the sun’s activity as a crew on Mars will have to scrutinize the sun with attention. Observing is crucial but human exploration is even more exciting, which is why I chose to be part of this mission to help man make its first steps on Mars. 

Norbert Pouzin, GreenHab Officer

Having studied in Paris for two years, I joined ISAE-SUPAERO thanks to my passion for space. I joined the Mars Club, with which I am participating to the simulation as the GreenHab officer, or botanist, of the crew. I will be in charge of the MDRS’ greenhouse, ensuring it is well maintained. I wish to study the influence of music on plant growth, with the hope of accelerating plant growth in the greenhouse. I will also study the influence of the mission on the crew’s sleeping patterns. Athletic, I am also part of the rugby team, of which I am the president, and I participate in many other activities such as running, surfing, skiing...

Gaspard Thieulin, Crew Engineer

Born in the north of France, I am interested in the sky and space since primary school. My dream was born then: becoming an astronaut, and flying off to conquer space. I have since then accumulated different experiences bringing me closer to this dream, and my aim was to join ISAE-SUPAERO. In this school, I participate in many activities to gain experience, and I am especially proud to be a part of this mission, as the crew engineer. I will simulate the life of an astronaut that has my set of skills, on the red soil of Mars.

Mission Reports