Publications et apparitions des missions MDRS

Année 2023

Année 2021

  • 62e Rencontre InterClub d'Astronomie Régionale (RICAR)
  • Reportage 15h de France 3
  • Space Generation Advisory Council “Introduction to Space Medicine” Workshop at the International Astronautical Congress 2019. Awarded at the abstract competition with “ Ultrasound medical surveillance during a 3 week isolation mission at the MDRS”.

Année 2020



  • Gil Calle, Eric and Mimoso, Diogo and Pouzin, Norbert and Lizy-Destrez, Stéphanie and Roy, Raphaëlle N..    Correlation analysis of sleep quality, mood and teleoperation performance in the MDRS206 analog mission.    (2020)    In: 71st International Astronautical Congress - The CyberSPace Edition (IAC 2020), 12 October 2020 - 14 October 2020  (Paris, France).